Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Sitting duck

As it is work is such a this!

There has been a spate of thefts in the condo where I'm staying in. let's see...a total of 10-15 cases in the last month!....the 7 break-in's last saturday evening must have been some kind of record by any standards

Modus operandi seems to be as follows:

  1. Call house to see if anyone is around
  2. If no one answers call, survey type of grille and lock of the condo
  3. If there is no clamp, cut off "ears" to iron grille which holds the lock
  4. If there is a clamp, break it
  5. If there is too much noise breaking the clamp, pick the lock
  6. Then break lock on main door and proceed to take anything of fancy
Damn these people...lowly scum....

And how not to be in-laws (who are on vacation in KL at the moment) have reported UFO phone calls every morning and afternoon in the past 2 weeks....

doesn't prove much...but definitely raises suspicion that my unit is being observed....damn, damn, damn


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