Saturday, August 20, 2005

What if....

During the week, a new colleague had commented "Wow! I bet you must be so pleased to have completed your ACCA exams...with your 3-year experience, you're essentially a full-fledged accountant!"

With a dead-pan face, I'd replied "Hmmph, doesn't mean anything to me." - and left him with an open jaw and a totally bewildered look.

My statement is true. I had finished university vowing never to pursue an accounting professional qualification...after all, I'd discovered during my tertiary education that I did not like accountancy much. Reason why I'd done finance and accounting as a degree was because:
  1. Accountancy was deemed a "safe" career good or bad times, accountants were required.
  2. I was offered a full scholarship to take up the degree overseas.

Nevertheless, when I returned to Malaysia, many friends had committed to continue with an accounting professional qualification. Worrying that I'd be left all alone at the bottom of the corporate ladder and egged on by mum to do something worthwhile with my spare time, I'd jumped on the bandwagon and followed the crowd too.

I have put in effort and made sacrifices in pursuit of the qualification and upon completion, I was happy and relieved that it was done and over. But, unfortunately, I do not feel proud of the achievement, nor do I feel like this is a feather-in-the cap in my career advancement plan. To me, I have just fulfilled the expectations of those around me, but I can't care less if I were ACCA qualified or not.

Am currently dabbling in corporate tax...and must say that life isn't all that bad. But these few days have been wondering:

1. What if I had been braver and gone on to take up architecture instead??

Back in those days, although I had the grades, I'd opted for the Arts stream, knowing fully well I had no interest in being a doctor/ engineer/ anything remotely related to the science subjects I had to take...nevertheless, I'd opted to do additional maths and kept up with art as a the event I'd decided to do architecture, I would have the necessary subjects to qualify. But, the degree would have taken many years, plus scholarships for achitecture were unheard of. If i had failed to get a spot in the local universities, private education would have been impossible. To make matters worse, the economy wasn't that great...and mum and dad used to tell me: "It'll be difficult getting a job...let alone, a stable income"

2. Would I be happier working in a PR firm?

I've had experience working in the corporate communcations department of a conglomerate before...assisting in press releases and event management and I'd had fun doing it. Things are hectic but could get very interesting indeed. Admittedly, I was only a trainee back then so stress was very much shouldered by my bosses....things would be a lot different when one was a grown-up employee! :)

3. Maybe I could set-up a business - nothing near the corporate world, but maybe something closer to daily needs, like a catering service/cafe?

hmmph...yeah easier said than done! but really...I wonder if I'd be able to make things work? There could be many other brains behind the scenes, but I could volunteer to be in charge of operations, something more hands-on......hmm, requisite experience and funding may be a problem...hahahahaha

Sigh...many people I meet cannot believe that I am an accountant, specialising in tax. They always think that I'm more suited to be in a more "happening" industry - ideally in service and communications....and it makes me wonder, could they be right?


At 11:35 am, Blogger Juan said...

Sometimes, earning mega $$$ isn't as important as waking up every morning with a smile on our face jus because we love what we do. Our job really has nothing to do with how we look (I've been told again and again how they can't picture me working with computers day in day out) :)

Judging from ur post, it would seem that owning a cafe would put that smile on ur face. Why not seriously consider it? ;)

At 1:33 pm, Blogger munsta said...

Agreed....its not how u look which matters...think it boils down to your personality!

Hmm...being my own boss is indeed very tempting...hahahaha...any interested partners-in-crime?


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