Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Went to the hairdressers during the weekend. After a quick 10-minute wait, the stylist-in-charge plopped me in front of the mirror and proceeded to rattle off a list of recommendations - ranging from an iron press to curls (yucks...not on me!) to a perm (worst still) to highlights to treatment, etc.

But all I wanted was a simple cut to reduce the length of my tresses, which fell to the middle of my back, to a more manageable chin-length. And I told her so.

She repeated my request quite cheerfully on auto-pilot...then took a double take and mouthed carefully again "You want to cut your hair short?"

Thinking that the healthy chatter in the salon had hampered her hearing a little, I nodded and gestured with my hands the length I wanted to reduce my hair to. She looked at me as if I were a little kid who did not understand her question yet again and patiently rephrased, "You want to change your hair style to a chin-length bob?"

Glad that she had understood my request, I grinned and gave her a thumb's up.

This time, her eyes were as wide as saucers. Blinking twice in disbelief, she articulated, "That's quite a few inches...are you really sure you want to cut your hair?"

Yes woman!!!! Otherwise, why would I bother entering your shop!! - I fought to camouflage my irritability. As exasparated as I was, it was definitely not a good time to be enemies with a person who was wielding a pair of scissors just millimetres away from my head. So, I affirmed for the last time, loud and clear, "Yes, I want my hair to be about chin length".

She shrugged and gave me a look which read "Wierdo - death wish granted" and went about doing what I wanted done.

What's the big deal with long hair anyway?? Yeah, granted that it takes time to grow, I've never actually felt too much of an attachment to mine. I suppose, most of my life, I have been used to short hair styles.

I have only kept it this long now because:
  1. I have been too lazy to get it cut in the past, er...,11 months
  2. The first and last hair straightening job I got conned to do in early January 2005 cost me a bomb...and be darn I was gonna chop all that expensively treated hair off so soon
  3. I didn't fancy wearing some fake hair/ wig for my wedding - I mean what if it fell off in the middle of things?

But at the moment, I feel like keeping it short again. It's cooler, hair dries faster after late night showers, less hair dropping around the house (i.e. translates to less need to vacuum quite so often)...hehhehehehe...nice. Bonus point being I think I look a little younger too with short hair - not a bad thing at all!!!

Woke up for work this morning and was immediately reminded of the main woe for short hair which I have not been plagued by for the past year: Hair sticking out when/where it shouldn't!

Oh well...you can't win all the time!


At 2:29 am, Blogger Aurora said...

I know this is not exacctly the most appropriate venue, but Happy New Year! *big bear hug*

At 6:36 pm, Anonymous yvy said...

haha!! i know wat u mean. i said the SAME thing to the hairdresser the other day when she was cutting mine n it still looked short to me so i told to chop off more. she stopped short n roughly said to me (it was an elderly chinese woman), 'lu mya rambut kerinting, kalu saya potong lagi banyak pendek!' n then continued chopping my hair is a VERY VERY rough manner - siao!! got me so pissed. tell nicely lar right? but i still go back to her coz she's good. watodoo?

At 1:17 am, Blogger Aurora said...

wah. still bare. You must be really really busy.


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